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Translation - language combinations

We only translate into our mother tongue (French) and we specialise only in what we do best: translations of English and Spanish material into French.

Design/DTP and translation

For specific projects or suites of multi-lingual documents, we can provide a complete translation and design/DTP service, taking care of both your language needs and overall appearance of your document, whether it be from an existing template (required in InDesign CS5 or earlier) or new layout designed by our partner, IDFP Creative Design.

Areas of expertise

IDFP Translation Services specialise in the following fields:

Our key areas of interest and expertise are environmental and humanitarian issues. Having translated material for organisations such as Oxfam, the Redress Trust and the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), we understand the importance of getting the right message across regarding the challenges and sensitive issues the world faces today.

Examples of subject matters:

French language assistance and cross-cultural information

Have you received a letter in French that you don't understand?
Do you need to write something or make a phone call in French?
Are you selling or buying a property in France and are not sure how to deal with estate agents, etc.?

If you require help in dealing with matters in France, we offer language and cross-cultural assistance. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs further.